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Kutterstraße 2+4
26386 Wilhelmshaven
Lower Saxony
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Hifficiency TV commercial on "WELT"

TV commercial on "WELT" about Hifficiency. HIFFICIENCY® is a trademark of acs Coating Systems GmbH. "High Tech…

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Company profile

Hifficiency® ist the new brand for non-stick coated products for baking and cooking.

For our professional customers we offer the entire range of baking trays and baking tins, GN containers, pans..

Extremely durable perforated trays are the most important Hifficieny® products for baking. They avoid that baked goods come into contact with aluminum and are entirely alkali resistant.

Our new patented coatings DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ® with their unique non-stick effect are exclusively applied to Hifficiency® products.

Both high-grade non-stick coatings are extremely hard-wearing and more heat-resistant as well as more durable than any other coating on the market.

In addition, DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ® are the only coatings without dissolvers and without any other kind of substances (e.g. NMP, PAI, PFOA, bisphenol), which may outgas in use and cause health risks - in fact at least up to 300°C / over 400°C.

Hifficiency® products are exclusively manufactured by acs in Germany.


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