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178 Nakauma-cho
Handa-City, Aichi
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TSUKASA INDUSTRY, as a leading company of powder technologies, aims to provide new value for a wide range of markets from the food and medical markets that are a part of our daily lives to cutting-edge electronics and the rocket industry. Never satisfied with current conditions, we always address inexhaustible technical reformation. By offering multi-function powder devices that innovate production processes and by designing plants with artistic quality, we, together with customers, seek to create new value to open the way to the future.

With the special viewpoint of a total powder engineering company, such processes as material receiving and powder feeding process, weighing, stock, dust collection, mixing, sifting and foreign-material removal, chopper and mill, drying and controlling, and handling. TSUKASA recognizes and analyzes the current problems and points to be improved, and makes proposals for streamlining. Even after equipment delivery, total support including operation instructions and manual preparation is provided. Certainly, after-sales maintenance is conducted by the surest system as well. Furthermore, TSUKASA has a showroom which is also a test area within in its own factory, where prior tests can be conducted using powders actually used by the customers.
In addition to promotion by individual actual equipment, we continue to fulfill the customers' needs by making proposals of powder plants for their future business development.

It is not only the cutting-edge machines that can create high-quality products that customers rely on. TSUKASA conducts manufacturing with top accuracy by handworks of experienced technicians. So to speak, the joint work of "craftsmanship" and advanced technology is the number of powder equipment that we, a total powder engineering company, deliver. Furthermore, the "powder plant", an aggregation of equipment that manages powders in the flow of milling, mixing and filling, is a powder handling technology of TSUKASA, which is made possible because each equipment is very precise.

The concept that food safety is the first priority lies in and to every end of all products built up based on the TSUKASA standard of "Cannot be insanitary, will not cause any pollution, and is easy to clean if it gets dirty. "Based on the "suitable and easy-to-wash design" requested by the GMP, TSUKASA will promote the basic concept "Cannot be insanitary, will not cause any pollution, and is easy to clean if it gets dirty" for devices and plants and will contribute to the innovation of powder systems for the future through "TSUKASA HACCP Project", "TSUKASA Hybrid POWDER SYSTEM", etc.

We are looking forward for your visit.