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Product description

The task of the statutory accident insurance is to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases as well as work-related health risks (prevention), to restore the health and performance of the insured persons by all appropriate means (rehabilitation) and to compensate them or their survivors in cash (compensation).


Prevention - foresighted and preventive work design - is a core area of BGN, and we have a lot to offer here. We advise companies from the sectors insured with us in all questions of occupational safety and health protection.

Our research, practical aids such as hazard and stress assessments, standards for safe technology, and our consulting services are all aimed at using resources in the company effectively through forward-looking action.

We offer services that help to prevent problems, faults, breakdowns, stress and hazards and are based on detailed industry knowledge and a high level of expertise. For example, our specialist departments develop demand-oriented solutions for questions from the day-to-day operations of individual sectors.

We carry out investigations or simulate stress to gain insights into how stress on employees can be reduced and work processes in our industries can be improved.

We offer concepts to make work preventive, humane and economical.


If an accident or an occupational disease occurs despite all efforts to protect health and safety at work, it is the task of BGN
  •     restore the health and performance of the insured persons by all appropriate means; and
  •     compensate the insured or their survivors in cash benefits

Optimal medical care for the insured as well as professional and social reintegration are always at the forefront of all efforts. In accordance with the BGN principle of "rehabilitation before retirement", however, a pension is only paid once all reasonable and reasonable rehabilitation options have been exhausted.

The professional association's curative treatment includes all suitable measures, in particular:
  •     medical and dental treatment
  •     Treatment in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities
  •     Medicines and dressings
  •     Remedies including physiotherapy as well as movement, speech and occupational therapy
  •     Psychotherapy as medical or psychotherapeutic treatment
  •     Prostheses, orthopaedic and other aids
  •     Nursing at home
  •     Care for helplessness
  •     Stress testing and work therapy


BGN covers the costs of medical treatment as well as professional and social reintegration. In addition, injured or ill persons receive a slightly reduced injury allowance for the duration of their incapacity to work (up to an upper limit) compared to their net remuneration.

During the reintegration measures, the Employer's Liability Insurance Association pays a transitional allowance. Injury and transitional allowances help if the employer does not continue to pay the employee's salary.

If there is a permanent reduction in earning capacity (MdE) of at least 20 percent after completion of rehabilitation, the employers' liability insurance association also pays a pension.

The Employer's Liability Insurance Association pays its pensions for the duration of the reduction in earning capacity, i.e. possibly for life, irrespective of any professional activity and the age of the insured person.

If insured persons have died as a result of accidents at work or occupational diseases, the employers' liability insurance association pays survivors' pensions and death benefits.