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417 East Water Street
Urbana, OH 43078
United States of America
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Shaffer, a Bundy Baking Solution, offers the most extensive and innovative line of horizontal mixers in the baking industry. Our engineers pioneered the open and hybrid frame mixer designs and have elevated bowl sealing and cooling performance standards. We develop technology that not only make the mixing process more consistent, but also minimizes downtime through maintenance-free and enhanced sanitation designs. This advanced yet simple theme carries over to our line of dough handling and processing equipment including trough lifts, dough chunkers, dough pumps and conveyor systems.

NEW Select Series Mixers
Shaffer’s new Select Series Mixers are precisely engineered to offer maximum value and durability. The all stainless-steel construction combined with water tight enclosures and an open frame under the bowl, provides the ultimate mix of simple and sanitary design. The mixer’s single end drive system and simple operator controls are comprised of well-known, commonly-stocked components that make the mixer easy to operate and maintain. The tilt system can be configured for forward only or forward and reverse tilting of the bowl. Select Series Mixers are available in triple roller bar or single sigma arm models for the production of breads, buns, rolls, cookies, granola, and other baked goods. The mixer can be purchased with our patented VerTech® refrigeration jacket which offers the most effective, durable and energy efficient bowl cooling available.

VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket
The VerTech® refrigeration jacket is the most effective, durable and energy efficient bowl cooling technology available on horizontal mixers. The design was engineered to perform on triple roller bar mixers that demand mixing durability; easily holding up to stiff doughs and high HP machines. Overall benefits of the technology include:
  • Reduced Stress - New design is engineered to distribute dough force over a larger area and results in 75% reduction of stress on channel material and 63% reduction of stress on weld joints.
  • Maximum Quality - The refrigeration jacket is manufactured in discrete steps with three definitive inspection points for maximum quality control.
  • Energy Efficient - New design provides same heat transfer with up to 46% reduction in pressure drop over corrugated jacket with turbulence pins, resulting in less energy to operate the glycol system.
  • Factory Tested - In accelerated fatigue testing on a full-scale model, using over twice the force of a low absorption dough, the VerTech® jacket lasted over 40X longer than other conventional jackets.



  • VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket

    VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket