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Product description

A "cube" for all cases
Shelving system BackTRIS from Schweitzer - die ladenmanufaktur

At this year's SÜDBACK in Stuttgart, Schweitzer Ladenbau presented a new shelf, freely according to the rules of well-tried wisdom:

"It should be "flexible", corresponding in size and shape; it should be "changeable", depending on the range; it should be "individual", adapted to colour and space; it should be "modular", varied in its structure; it should be "practical"; it should be quick to assemble, convert and dismantle; and of course it should look good...

They have tried to incorporate all these wisdoms into a shelving system which, despite all the minimalism, allows the greatest possible success for the presentation of goods.
The shelf system "BackTRIS"!

The individual 40 x 40 cm elements can be free-standing or wall-mounted. Each of these elements is equipped with LED light and thus allows good illumination of the individual products in order to present them clearly visible to the customer.

The adjustable wooden bread grids can be extended to form a rocker or can be folded down and used as a shelf. When folded up and locked in place, the wooden bread grids can be used for writing or advertising boards. Furthermore, the elements can also be equipped with simple shelves for the presentation of additional products.
Each BackTRIS system grows individually, freely according to imagination & idea - functionally adapted to every conceivable application. The system offers a new level for the sale of matching and complementary products in the smallest possible space. Wonderfully changeable! The function can be adapted as required in just a few simple steps.