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iba 2018


Ruzova 951/13
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
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Burobinskij bread is traditional Russian rye bread made of only natural components. It is lenten fare and contains no artificial additives or yeast.

All our bread is exclusively hand-baked with meticulously selected bio ingredients and the best wholegrain flour. Due to high content of rye flour, our bread is rich in fibre and vitamins and has intense, delicious flavour.

As Burobinskij bread is made without any animal fats, lactose or artificial preservatives, it is perfect for a well-balanced diet.

We strongly believe that bread should only be natural, tasty and healthy.

We hand-bake 7 delicious kinds of Burobinskij bread, including traditional "Borodinskij" loaf with its distinctive coriander flavour, unique "Savoury" bread with walnuts and raisins, "Fitness" bread with linseed and sunflower seed, as well as sugar-free "Malt" bread.

Stored in room temperature Burobinskij bread remains fresh and delicious for 7 days; stored in a fridge at 5°C it keeps for 30 days; frozen to -18°C it keeps for 6 months.

Burobinskij bread is a family enterprise. Every loaf we bake is made as a treat for the closest relatives and dearest friends, with all our devotion to the highest quality standards and love for fresh tasty bread.

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