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Viale Kennedy, 52/5
65010 Moscufo (PE) Abruzzo
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Our company, founded in 2003, started the production of bases for precooked and frozen pizzas and focaccias with the aim of creating a semi-processed product for professional use of the highest quality but, at the same time, simple to use .
The dough is prepared using the indirect method which consists in making a pre-dough (biga) left to mature for 24 hours. Then the final dough is prepared, left to rise for another 4/6 hours, before the final roll out.
This slow and accurate process ensures that the finished product is highly digestible, fragrant and with a “short chew”.
Moreover, the high hydration of the doughs to 75% for the classic bases and to 80% for the integral bases allows the cooked product a longer life and a greater freshness on the retail shops .
The product is flattened and finished by hand, pre-cooked on refractory stone at 400°C and immediately after undergoes a temperature reduction at -40°C, to preserve the quality characteristics of the freshly baked product.
The product is then stored at -18°C with a shelf life of 12 months.
In the doughs are not used animal fats, milk derivatives or other products of animal origin, so the bases are also suitable for vegan and vegetarian. In addition, the flours used in our doughs are Type 2 and Type 0, rich in fiber and mineral salts.
The production takes place on an area of 2,000 square meters, artisan planned but with large production potentials. Currently we produce about 8,000 kg (25,000 pcs) per day.
We are certified Biological by the ICEA and, in terms of food safety, we have obtained the BRC Food and IFS Food certifications from the CERTIQUALITY authority.
The product, for professional use only, lends itself to all the catering activities such as pizzerias, sandwich shops, focaccerias, national and international food-formats and bakers in supermarkets.
Export areas: Spain, France, Switzerland, England, U.S., United Arab Emirates and Australia.

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