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Via Fabbrica 84
38079 Tione di Trento
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The technology that supports the people... for the people- The Oripan project

Oripan is the leading provider of integrated solutions
for the food industry processes.

Thanks to a continuous market analysis, that has allowed us to growth continuously, we became convinced that technology, even in industry, is increasingly at the service of the consumer. For this reason, showing our control systems, our dedicated hardware and its integration into industrial plants and processes we like to work with the motto "use the technology: it’s at your disposal.". The strategic management of Oripan is built around the technology and its application in the specific areas in which it operates, with the aim to drive continuous innovation. Oripan has the competences for the design and manufacturing of integrated hardware-software automation systems tailored to the specific needs of the customers and of the production context of the market on which the customer operates.

Integrated solutions for your business: Strategy

We have always innovated convinced that new technologies will be massively present in all working sectors and we have replied to a more demanding market by investing in resources and skills.

The rationalization of resources is important today as never before, and we take this as an opportunity to build our business by developing our processes and products in this direction.

In particular, even our customers, that we thank every day for believing in our project, they need to optimize, reorganize, rethink a way of working where in addition to the time efficiency improvements, there is now more attention to the costs, the waste and the re-use of raw materials by implementing the control of the processes through specific tools and in a professional manner.

This is our strategy, the culture that we want to share with them: to develop processes of consolidation for the technological solutions used in the company; the integration and the sharing of the information between the different levels of the enterprise information system plays a particularly important role, as it allows an effective management of the company business.

Our certifications:
  • The Microsoft certifications
  • System Integrator Certification
  • Movicon Certification
  • Schneider Certification
  • Wonderware Certification