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iba 2018


Moerser Str. 33
47798 Krefeld
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Company profile

The »Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen GmbH« is a family-owned factory, which has been located in Krefeld on the Lower Rhine in Germany since 1872. We produce high-quality cookie moulding machines for moulding and shaping shortcrust doughs, but also for efficient processing of marzipan, sugarpaste and gingerbread dough.

JANSSEN cookie moulding machines can als be used for the production of cake bases and endless pastry which offers an alternative that is both efficient and easy on the dough compared to the classic rolling out procedure.

Our cookie moulding machines use pattern rollers with many different motifs. We offer a broad spectrum of traditional moulds, such as for speculaas biscuits, ornamented moulds for fine tea biscuits, pretzels, crescents, jam filled biscuits or Linzer biscuits. In addition we advise to discover the design possibilities for your own individualized and unmistakable cookies:
From your baked business card to your logo or highly customized graphic motifs and patterns: »Much more than run-of-the-mill or standard!«
Whether served in your café or sold as cookies, attract attention and a high recognition value with your baked products! Do you have a special motif idea that you want to stand out from amongst the crowd of small cookies? Contact us because we have the know-how and the experience to realize your product ideas with your own, specialized custom roller - all in keeping with our motto:
»Janssen shapes enjoyment« .