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Product description

The Tonelli Multiproduct Spongecake Lines are fully automatic, from the mixing up of the ingredients to packaging. They are designed and made to ensure very high outputs and an excellent standardization and quality of the finished product. Each line is able to produce several kinds of products, simply changing settings: layer and multi layers cakes, swiss and miniroll, cakes, cup cakes, chiffon cakes, “mamon”, fig bar, chou or eclair.

A single line can host different stations for make up different products and in this way it is possible to reach an high flexibility, because the processing bench can be equipped with a maximum of 7 liftable stations specific for each type of product for a total length of 25 mt. max, even if the ideal would be a bench with 2 or 3 stations.

It is also possible have solutions settled on two floors.
These are the main stations:
  • Batter and Cream preparation groups, with Planetary Mixer or Premixers combined with Homogenizers and Emulsifyers or Heat Exchangers, to achieve sponge batter, pâte à choux, short pastry, gateau dough, custard creams, milk refrigerated creams, pasteurized creams, with the best consistency.
  • Oven, with the right settings from Tonelli recipe management software, bakes at perfection giving structure and softness to the cake base.
  • Cooling, overhead conveyor, inline or underneath the oven band, makes the base ready for the following finishing steps.
  • Forming of the cake, from here the matter takes shape, through forming stations that wet, overlap, roll, punch, inject and decorate the cake sheets, producing tons of delicious snacks.
    The sizes or shapes required are achieved through different cutting systems: the longitudinal cutter gives the right width to the product and consists in a set of circular blades fitted on an interchangeable rotary shaft; the transversal cutter decides the total length of the product with a specific cutting movement for each type of product; the punch cutter is able to pull out special forms from the stuffed sponge cake sheet (trees, hexagons, hearts, rhombs, etc.) and the plate with the shaped blades can be easily replaced when changing format; the robotic cutter, which allows combined cuts, with different geometry, even at a high speed and performance.
  • Packaging, finally the cakes are wrapped one by one, to ensure freshness and hygiene, then put in boxes to ease the distribution phase.
Each process is fully automatic, thanks to the PLC and HMI management which guarantees the synchronization of the various stations. Is it possible to store into a memory card several graphics with process trends, in order to optimize the resources’ consumption (power, air, steam, nitrogen, etc.)

With the Multicake Lines, Tonelli offers its expertise in giving technological consultancy to the customers in each production phase, with a team of Food Technologists who intervene with precise indications on recipe’s parameters, cleaning room settings and organoleptic and duration analysis of the product. They follow the set-up of the line until the production implementation.

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