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Mondial Forni Sistemi is the Industrial Bakery Systems Division of Mondial Forni, a leading supplier of advanced bakery equipment for more than 70 years.
We are a team of specialists with long standing experience in the Baking Industry, focusing on design, manufacture, installation and service of ovens for bakeries worldwide.
Our tradition for innovation is keeping us at the forefront of technology, providing our customers with the most efficient and effective integrated systems for profitable operation.

In our Verona premises we manufacture all ovens range, provers and coolers. In close cooperation with selected allied suppliers, specializing in dough preparation, forming equipment and packaging machinery, we can supply complete turn-key plants for the modern bakery.

Baking is one of the world’s oldest industries, but we still have fresh ideas and share the same passion for innovation that moved our founder Arturo Benini; always focusing on adding value to our products and increased profitability for our customers.

Mondial Forni is the result of Arturo Benini's dream, who in 1947 started his journey with confidence in the world of bread, enchanted by the magic around it and convinced that he could become an enthusiastic ambassador. This vision grew together with everyone who became part of it, forming , improving and enriching it, just as is done with the dough. Still today, we work together with you to make your dreams reality, to imagine new goals and view new horizons, which in more than sixty-five years have helped us become an internationally successful company known in the industry for the quality of its products, its ability to innovate and develop them based on the needs of our current and future customers.
What distinguishes Mondial Forni?
We believe that diversity is a source of value and that every constructive contribution promotes the company's growth as an economic entity as well as a community of people. We believe that progress results from the union of individual energies and resources, from the transversal commitment of the people involved in this company, from the exchange of experiences and skills among those who have the common goal of continuous improvement. We always try to understand the dynamics of the reference scenario, viewing the critical issues that arise as opportunities to be taken on, so we can be the drivers of change.

The world in which Mondial Forni operates has changed profoundly over time and is still today in full transformation. Being involved in these changes has taught us to become flexible, to believe in and value differences, to know how to adjust our practices without ever forgetting our style . Seventy years of history is the point from which we want to restart today, but without ever thinking that we have arrived. More than security, those years represent to us the knowledge that the best results are those that last over time, those that are able to improve the work and life of a person.