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PO Box 296
Padstow NSW 2211
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Company profile

  • 72 Years of experience and expertise
  • Excellent reputation
  • Made in Australia
  • Accountability
  • National support network
  • International coverage
  • Regular on-site visits
  • Every bakery and cake line supplied easily
  • Mackies bakeware designed for maximum strength consistency and lifespan
Mackies, the Australian Pan Company has been proud suppliers to the Baking industry since 1946. The company is Australia's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality bakeware, ancillary items and innovative culinary tools. These products are built to withstand the rigours of everyday baking and food preparation in small to large plant bakeries, commercial and home kitchens. Mackies supply all brands of high/low volume Bakery and cake lines worldwide. New innovative lines are immediately catered for.The selection of equipment is paramount to bakeries and all commercial food operations. Our team is committed to helping you achieve the best possible result: better baked products more profitably. Whether your equipment is from the stock range or custom made, you can be sure that if it's Mackies, it's the best.

All Mackies bakeware is processed with state-of-the-art pan conditioners and release coatings.Their various qualities work efficiently with a range of bakery products to give you flexibility of choice. We are happy to advise you on the most appropriate finish for your bakery process and application.

Millions of baked products have been produced from Mackies' pans and trays throughout the world. We have been supplying bakery equipment to overseas markets for over 35 years and have played a significant role in the development of a range of pan sizes that have become standard throughout many countries.As the consumption of bread and other wheat based products increases worldwide, Mackies will continue to provide its loyal customer base with a high level of technical assistance towards product development.

Why do more bakers buy Mackies' bakery equipment? They believe that an investment in Mackies is an investment in the best. Over half a century dedicated to design and function has meant that we can engineer bakeware to suit specific requirements. Not only that, Mackies substantiates its manufacture by using quality suppliers and testing facilities to ensure that our customers get the very best equipment available.

Mackies pans and trays are manufactured for maximum strength, highest accuracy and longest life.Our comprehensive range of stock items includes pan sets and covers, roll and bun trays,cooling racks and display stands.We custom design Bakeware equipment for special requirements. Mackies custom designed Bakeware gives you flexibility in the choice of size, shape,material, finish and a huge range of features and options. Hundreds of die shapes and sizes are available.

Mackies have been responsible for many innovations that have helped bake better quality bread more profitably. Ever since we started making bread pans in 1946, our purpose has been to provide you with quality Bakeware and exceptional service based on a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives. Simply put,our philosophy is to understand your needs and your business. An investment in Mackies Bakeware and equipment is an investment in the best. Our experience and expertise helps achieve consistently high quality baked products as well as make a significant contribution to your operating efficiency and profitability.