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Product description

MONO’s NEW Universal 3D-X Confectionery Depositor is truly universal in its application, incorporating genuine 3D-X depositing by the use of an additional X-Axis movement.

The new industrial-standard Universal 3D-X features a depositing system which not only moves up and down over the moving conveyor belt, but also moves ACROSS the conveyor belt too! The combination of the conveyor movement from Left to Right, the hopper movement Up and Down essentially mean that an almost endless variety of shapes can be created with the use of a Standard Template. The traditional circular movements created with the use of a Rotary Template are now undertaken by the movement of the hopper and belt.
The NEW 3D-X Confectionery Depositor features Picture Programming which streamlines and simplifies the whole product design process. A wealth of new innovative options and features, combined with the additional X movement elevate the Universal 3D-X to new realms of productivity and creativity.
To further tailor the Universal to your specific business needs, the depositor can be purchased with either a single hopper for Single mix depositing, two hoppers for Double colour depositing or a Triple hopper system for depositing 3 colours. The Three Colour Hopper System comprised two combi-hoppers together with a central soft mix hopper which is generally used to deposit the small finishing touch to a two-colour confectionery masterpiece.