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Via Maso 13/A
36035 Marano Vicentino - VI Provincia di Vicenza
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Volumetric dividing machine with automatic weight control

Volumetric dividing machine with automatic weight control Full Automatic Line. Export : I…

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Mfitaly designs, produces and distributes all over the world innovatory equipments and installations for Bakeries, Pastries, Pizzerias and Pasta Factories.
Our present range is particularly wide, with solutions thought to meet the requirements of craftsman like shops up to the big-industry sided installations. Besides the ongoing development of machinery, nowadays become standard in the field, the designers' team inside the company cares the managing of custom solutions for the big breadmaking and confectioning industry.

The company is known also in the great industrial confectionery thanks to its production lines for Pandoro and Panettone, the typical Italian Christmas cakes. Present on national and international markets for over twenty years with the registered name "MF Snc di Dalla Costa G. & C.", in order to cope with the requirement of an ever-changing market the Company has recently amended its name and social assets, redesigned its hallmark and updated the basic elements linked with its brand. The registered office and the production premises are in the Industrial Area of Marano Vicentino, in Veneto region.


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