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Karlstr. 10
50181 Bedburg
North Rhine-Westphalia
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Company profile

Möller Bäckereisysteme GmbH has specialised for many years in the production of baking trays, box formers, moulded trays and bakery products for the industrial production of bakery products. Based in 50181 Bedburg-Erft, the company develops innovative and tailor-made solutions for medium and large bakeries and leading industrial bakery manufacturers worldwide. We develop innovative, tailor-made solutions that optimize your production processes and noticeably reduce your costs. For Möller Bäckereisysteme GmbH, intensive consultation and support by our design and construction office for the suitable baking tins is a matter of course, as each product and each product line requires a special requirement profile and only in this way can an optimum baking result be achieved. The developments and sheet metal constructions are specially adapted to the needs of our customers. Möller products optimize the production process and significantly increase the efficiency of plant lines.

Möller Bäckereisysteme GmbH has established itself in the market and distinguished itself through consistent further development of baking trays and moulds. Our customers worldwide appreciate our innovative solutions and our comprehensive service. You are looking for the right shape for your baked goods - we develop it!
  • Research and development department for non-stick coatings
  • We specialise in the application of industrial and innovative tailor-made non-stick coatings for every product category and offer state-of-the-art materials and coating solutions. For new bakery products we guarantee at least 3,500 baking cycles with proper handling.
  •     High quality and consistent quality that includes 100% traceability
  •     Short delivery times
  •     very good price-performance ratio
  •     Production of prototypes according to your specifications and requirements

Möller Bäckereisysteme GmbH is a leading manufacturer of mould sheets: Hamburger trays, hotdog trays, oval trays, square trays etc. should be technically possible, special shapes can also be produced. Plant baking trays and industrial plant baking trays, baguette trays and industrial baguette trays, ciabatta trays for industrial plant lines, crossaint trays for industrial plant lines, box and bread formers and bread formers for industrial plant lines, baking trays with and without perforation, cake cut trays, cake trays and muffin trays, fermentation goods carriers made of aluminium and plastic, fermentation cabinet suspensions, tipping troughs with a perfect very light solution, very easy and simple to change. Cloths with coating beading effect (fermentation cloths, exchangeable cloths, pretzel cloths, Berlin cloths, drip cloths, fermentation basket inserts, covers for rack and transport trolleys), peelboard, rack and transport trolleys.