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Latest innovation from Precisma - the BELT-OILER-R Combination Machine

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Cleaning and oiling of baking trays in one operation

Compact, efficient and universally usable
The new combined 'BELT-OILER-R' machine enables cleaning and oiling of baking trays in one single operation

In the foodstuff sector, the best recipe for sustainable success is specialisation. Precisma GmbH based in Sipbachzell in Upper Austria is among the leading experts in baking tray cleaning technology and has time and again demonstrated that innovation always provides the foundation for continuing success.

And an example of this is its new combined BELT-OILER-R machine (a cleaning and oiling machine in one). It clearly demonstrates that Precisma employs specialists with extensive expertise in the sector who thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of baking technology.

The BELT-OILER-R is a high-quality baking tray cleaning machine that has been combined with an oiling system specifically designed for use with profiled baking trays. Following automated cleaning and oiling, the baking trays are returned by a conveyor system to the starting point.
  • Ideal integration of cleaning, oiling and return processes
  • Perfect for many different kinds of baking trays
  • Innovative technology ensures perfect cleaning results
  • Extremely economical consumption of release agents
  • One-man operation
  • Low space requirements
  • Cost-efficient
These are the characteristics of the machine that make it so compelling. The BELT-OILER-R is capable of dry cleaning and oiling almost all types of baking trays. The efficient and remarkable results of cleaning are attributable to the use of a new form of belt brush that adapts exactly to the contours, recesses and undulations in baking trays, hence ensuring thorough cleaning.
Release agents are applied by special sensor-controlled Airmix nozzles that ensure the lowest possible consumption.

The BELT-OILER-R has a wide range of potential uses. It can be employed with flat trays with up to four rims, baguette trays with and without rims, trays with and without perforation and coated and uncoated trays. It can process up to 1200 trays with a width of 600, 800 or 1000 mm every hour, making it the day-to-day workhorse of the baking trade.

When it comes to cost-efficiency, the BELT-OILER-R has the low running costs, ease of use and minimal servicing requirements you've come to expect of Precisma products.

The team at Precisma know that flexibility and the capacity to create customised solutions is the way forward. "As far as we are concerned, there is nothing that is impossible. Thanks to our know-how, dedication to the task in hand, ability to find high-quality, individual solutions and innovation capacity, we can always come up with the right result. Our future is driven by challenge and it is our customer proximity that earns us our daily bread."

Individual solutions from a competent source
Besides the new BELT-OILER-R, Precisma offers an extensive assortment of innovative bakery machines.
The tried-and-tested BELT tray cleaning range, the OILER release agent application systems and the POWDER predusters are all made to customer specifications. We thus represent a one-stop shop for our customers as we can undertake all necessary activities, from preparing cost estimates, planning, specifications and construction blueprints through to the manufacture, initial operation and maintenance of our machines.

The Precisma team headed by Alois Aichinger looks forward to meeting you and will be happy to provide you with advice on your individual needs.

Precisma GmbH
Leombach 10
4621 Sipbachzell
Tel.: +43 (0) 7240 20919

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Precisma GmbH

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Phone: +[43] 7240 20919
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