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Fruitweg 11 - 13
2525 KE Den Haag
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Company profile


Kalmeijer is a leading manufacturer of bakery machines. Kalmeijer was founded in 1920 and from the very beginning has focused on the production of machines for the artisan bakery. It all began with a distant forerunner of today's pastry moulding machine, Kalmeijer then focused more and more on the production of dough processing machines. First only for long bread, later also for small pastries (rolls).


Kalmeijer has the right consultants to help you choose the best for your business. This depends on factors such as oven capacity, selection, workflow and planning in the bakery, etc.


Kalmeijer always develops his machines from the baker's point of view. We attach importance to the fact that the baker can process his existing recipes with our machines, without the recipe (often honest and proven recipes) must be adapted.

Production and control

Kalmeijer manufactures its machines in its own factory according to high quality standards. Of course, you can expect our machines to comply with all European directives. Our machines will then also bear the CE mark. Your safety is our concern. You can also expect us to ensure that the machines comply with the HACCP guidelines. In addition, our machines are on wheels. This is useful if you want to move the machines for cleaning.

Quality and service

Kalmeijer develops and produces its machines under its own management, and Kalmeijer does commissioning and maintenance hire itself. Kalmeijer has its own customer service, which can be available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kalmeijer Rotary biscuit Machine, Type KGM

Kalmeijer's well known KGM biscuit machine raises quality, output and cost-effectiveness of your biscuit and pastry manufacturing;
  • Productive: machine capacity of 300 kg doug per hour or more
  • Flexible: 1 or 2-person machine operation
  • Low cost of ownership.