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Parco Area delle Scienze, Pad.27 Trasferimento Tecnologico
43124 Parma (PR)
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Company profile

HI-FOOD is an innovation engine developing key functional ingredients and technological know-how for new clean label products in the Free-From, Bakery, Sauce and Gastronomy markets.

Very much R&D driven, our ingredients are not animal-based and carry a high innovation and knowledge content. A strong focus on functionality and on application development at the service of the finished product – with clean label and ease of application.

Located in Parma, Italy, in the heart of the Food Valley, HI-FOOD was founded in 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs with proven track record in the food sector wishing to add value through innovation and knowledge.

R&D Driven

HI-FOOD functional ingredients are developed internally through careful and methodical studies and experiments, aiming at providing specific technological functionalities to natural ingredients, especially those of sustainable origin.


In a few years, HI-FOOD has developed a valuable network of partners, customers and suppliers worldwide (especially Europe) with the possibility to exchange information and business opportunities within the functional food ingredients market.


HI-FOOD operates through a networked supply-chain system: special raw materials are chosen and selected, their (natural) transformation process is tested and identified, creating intermediates custom-made for HI-FOOD which are then expertly combined in a final functionalization.


We found ourselves in the role of the gateway between the Start-up Ecosystem (embryonic ideas) and the Business Eco-system (the conventional business environment), hatching new ideas, contributing not only with our Building Blocks, support systems, know-how but also with our connections and allowing these ideas to gain Business Traction.

HI-FOOD Natural Functional Ingredients and technological know-how are at the basis of new Free-From building blocks. These include:
  • a natural fiber-based functional system for the substitution of tropical oils (especially palm oil) with other oils, creating stable emulsions that can be processed on conventional lines
  • a natural vegetable fiber with outstanding water-retention properties providing freshness, mouthfeel and acting as fat-mimic
  • natural mold inhibitors replacing alcohol and other conventional preservatives
  • new bakery enzymes (transglutaminase and other enzyme systems for gluten-free)
  • new natural functional polymers for vegan products, clean label ice-cream products, replacement of hydrocolloids and custom-made systems
  • gluten replacement: HI-FOOD offers Hi-Nucleus, a concentrated functional natural ingredient to replace Gluten in the production of croissants and all bakery products with very clean label and nutritionally balanced recipes.
  • Bake-Stable clean systems

Our products