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Product description

GUV – fully automatic dough retarder
The best things in life take time. Lets dough and taste ripen perfectly.

The ADR is especially useful when it comes to producing large quantities. It enables you to optimise your workfl ows and create free capacity for a higher rate of production.
Our automatic dough retarder enables you to carry out several stages of production at once: you can control both proofing and cooling processes precisely, ensuring your products are always perfectly cooled, tempered and air-conditioned. This helps you to achieve the perfect degree of maturity (fi nal fermentation) of the raw dough and of dough with a high fermentation tolerance. The raw doughs can also be left for a longer period at a low temperature. The benefi t: Even larger amounts of pre-ripened doughs can be stored in the cell, baked over a longer period of time, or prepared for transporting to other branches. The GUV takes the pressure off you even at times when production peaks.

Optimisation of workfl ows

The GUV allows you to shift your night-time work to the daytime. Start baking as soon as you start work. This enables you to optimise your workfl ows and, at the same time, to reduce your costs. Our fully automatic dough retarders are specifi cally designed to meet the needs of your business.