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Via Guardini, 24
38121 Trento Trentino-Alto Adige
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EyePro System - LIVE from iba Munich 2018

EyePro System is a manufacturer of vision inspection solutions for the baking and snack industry. At the iba 2018 Andrea…

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EyePro System is a world-wide leading company in Vision Inspection Technology for the Baking & Snack Industry, in business since 1999.

We design and manufacture Hi-Tech Equipment in order to help our Customers improve Product Quality, maximize productivity, optimize processes and reduce waste. For different product types, we study specific solutions to inspect visually the products (both on-line and off-line) and, if needed, to reject the defective products minimizing the impact on production.

Our comprehensive product offering comprises solutions in three main fields:
  • Product Inspection: 100% on-line inspection with rejection of faulty products; off-line sampling measurements for statistical analysis; 2D/shape and 3D/height measurements; advanced color imaging; complementary inspection technologies integration.
  • Process Control: Continuous process monitoring of the different process steps with real-time data and statistics display; vision based process control for real-time process optimization (automatic feedback loops); data collection, analysis and reporting; possibility of generating alarms to adjust the process before final inspection.
  • Product Handling: Automatic vision-based lane balancing systems for product flow optimization at the infeed of packaging machines (flow wrappers, baggers, pillow-packs) using motion control, and therefore avoiding gates and product touching of any kind.
EyePro System's headquarters are in Northern Italy, in Trento, and our US Office is located in Chicago.
We have at the moment hundreds of installation in Europe, North and Central America, Middle East, Asia, Oceania and South Africa.

Quality for the sake of quality. Our systems are accurately designed by our Engineering Team on the basis of Customers specifications, then carefully manufactured in our production plants. Our aim is to provide solutions with a high standard of quality and reliability, therefore we select only the best commercially available components for our machines.

Brain needs a robust body. Our Vision Systems feature a highly technological core (laser 3D shaping technology, high resolution cameras, state-of-the-art industrial computers, touch screen interfaces and periodically updated proprietary software) in a robust, stainless steel body, which can be suitable for very harsh environments (e.g. washdown capability can be offered as option).

Together with innovation and quality, one of the strong points of the Company is After-Sales Assistance: we aim to always guarantee the satisfaction of our Customers, and therefore we invest in our Customer Service and Technical Support functions, in order to be able to provide quick and effective help in case of any need.

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