Eberhard Drautz Belaugungstechnik

Eberhard Drautz Belaugungstechnik


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Schwabstraße 19
74189 Weinsberg
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Company profile

Swabian inventive talent

Rudolf Drautz, master baker in Weinsberg, is regarded as the inventor of the leaching machine. The production of beautiful pretzels was particularly important to him. In order to make the then cumbersome and dangerous leaching process safer and more efficient, he developed an automatic leaching system together with an engineer and a machine builder.

With the first system RD 100, which came onto the market in 1978, leaching was for the first time:

fast - clean - safe

Meanwhile his son Eberhard Drautz runs the company. He is also an experienced master baker with expertise in leaching and lye products.

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