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ul. Szypowskiego 1
39-460 Nowa Deba
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Company profile

​Dezal Plus Ltd was formed as a result of the restructuring processes started by the Dezamet S.A. Metal Products Factory, which had produced domestic electrical appliances from 1960 onwards. The Dezal company was founded in 1994 on the basis of production capital from Dezamet. Then Dezal Plus Ltd, which has had the status of being a Special Economic Zone company since 31st January 2001, was set up as a result of further changes in the ownership structure. This special status allows the company to benefit from tax exemptions with regard to land tax and corporate tax.
These exemptions are especially favourable in situations when the company is creating new investments or taking on more employees. The company currently employs seventy people.
Areas of business:
  1. The sale of industrial goods
  2. The production of industrial goods and spare parts
  3. Production of parts within the framework of partnership agreements
  4. The sale of domestic electrical appliances
  5. The production of domestic electrical appliances
  6. Technical, marketing and economic advice
  7. Facilitation with regard to business and services
  8. Organization of production and business on both a domestic and international basis
  9. Facilitation with regard to cooperation and production on both a domestic and international basis
  10. Tefloning services
  11. Thermosetting plastics processing
  12. Sale of furniture on a wholesale and retail basis
  13. Production of furniture
The company sells its products on the domestic market through wholesalers or direct to customers, such as big chain stores, and also exports them, mainly irons and synthetic products to countries in western Europe, the Middle East and South America, as well as countries in central-eastern and eastern Europe.
The capital of the company amounts to 2,189,000.00 PLN. Taking advantage of its favourable location and status as a Special Economic Zone company, the company is interested in finding an investor in order to put its existing development plans into action.
There is the possibility of buying a developed site (areas of land measuring 3,800 m2 and 825 m2) and also the possibility of buying adjacent developed sites with easy access with an area of about 15,000 m2.

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