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Putine 44, Zdenci Brdovecki
HR-10291 Prigorje Brdovecko
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Company profile

DATA-BAK d.o.o is producing additives and concentrate – mixture for baking industry, and on the market has been present since 1994.

The HACCP Concept for the production of baking ingredients come into effect in 2003. This Concept describes methods on how to recognize all critical points and how to check and control them, so that health risks for the consumers can be prevented as far as possible.

Our strategy is the continuous development of new products based on domestic raw materials, and at the same time linking new researches and technological achievements.

Bakery additives and concentrates from our own production are the results of innovative work on processing cereals, by gelatinization, toasting, roasting and microbial fermentation with selected strains of yeast and bacteria.
Our partners we offer a variety of traditional and original products, using natural raw materials of high quality. Our products comply all requirements of customers, and in collaboration with backer we creata unique and recognized range of finished backery products.