D-Inzenjering doo Mrvica Cafe&Bakery


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Paromlinska 53H
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Mrvica (translated in english means „crumb“ ) is a French bakery and patisserie located in Sarajevo and established in 2015. For the first time the city experienced the unique concept of a bakery, patisserie and cafe (ono e sa apostrofom) including its own production. Inspired from Paris/ France where one can enjoy a real French butter croissant, macarons and many famous deserts and cakes like Opera or Carrement chocolate. Our idea was to produce traditional French products with a taste of modernity and invent a world of tastes, sensations and peasures in our artisan wooden bakery. Our mission is to offer quality products, standard of service and hospitality. Our vision is to build a professional relationship by producing and supplying high quality diversified products. We want to maintain high standard of culinary products and introduce a unique concept to many loactions in Bosnia and Hercegovina trough strategic selection of the business concept. We are expanding the customer base by means of coherent marketing, sales infrastructure and customer relationships. Mrvica is located in Old town and Cengic Vila, and has its own production Mrvica Factory in Rajlovac. Approx. 20 minutes from Sarajevo we have our farm Basna, where we produce our wheat, buckwheat, salads, carrots, potatoes, strawberry and have cows, goats, chicken - a real bio production for our own purpose. Mrvica has earned a reputation for offering the finest French delicacies, outstanding service and inspirational cafe(e sa apostrofom) setting. In Mrvica Factory we choose to keep the tradition of French-style bakery. Our recipes are perfected by French master bakers using the best local and authentic raw materiials from France. Our concept interior – wood, brickwork, stone and lights – simple materials to set the stage of our amazing products. Baking delectable delicacies require an uncompromising attitude, unbeliveable craftmanship and unwavering passion for perfection. At Mrvica we belive and follow these principles in every aspect of our operation.

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