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Via G. Ansaldo, 15
47122 Forli (FC)
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Cepi Silos - Company video - Video istituzionale

Bulk-handling systems for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Storing, transport and dosage of raw ingredien…

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Since 1985 Cepi designs, manufactures and installs turn-key plants for the storage, transport and dosage of raw materials, serving the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. CEPI builds customized solutions for our customers and the raw materials they use. We have a large network of partners and agents in the five continents, thanks to a sales division that is strongly oriented to consulting and collaboration.

Our systems boast craftsmanship and industrial precision. They are the result of a profound understanding of the raw materials, decades of experience and the trust we have built with our customers. Our leadership aggregates competences in engineering and mechanics, production and logistics, and a deep knowledge of the raw materials acquired through a steady presence in the market.

Our offer includes highly competitive integrated automation providing full process control and traceability. CEPI meets the needs of a constantly evolving market. Our systems are superior, reliable, diversified and above all innovative. They are highly flexible and are renown both nationally and internationally.

Cepi has patented multiple technologies and has received many awards for the excellency of our procedures. We partner permanently with the University of Bologna in project development, research on mechanical applications and materials testing, as well as certification of silos through loading analysis and structural tests.
Cepi silos conform to current EU security standards.

Innovation and tradition. System and detail. Technology and people. Our attention is equally directed at the perfecting of our machinery and at our relationships with you. CEPI is with you through all steps necessary to the manufacture and installation of your system, and afterwards during production, meeting any and all requests for assistance, modification or expansion of your system, to match the evolution of your process.

Our customers know — we really care about you and your ingredients. Our skills are the result of decades of experience and constant study of technologies and materials. We create innovation rather than chasing it, and want to share the knowledge we built with you through a relationship of mutual exchange.


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