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Weststraße 120
58089 Hagen
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BECHEM – Lubrication solutions for industry

As the oldest German manufacturer of industrial lubricants, BECHEM today is one of the leading producers of high-quality special lubricants and metal working fluids.

BECHEM products convince by innovative formulations in the most diverse of industrial applications – in machining and forming metal working processes, in coating technology and as for-life lubricants in various technical components.

A strong network of distributors and several national and international production sites ensure that BECHEM products are readily available worldwide.

Food grade lubricants are used for lubrication, power transmission and corrosion protection of machines to produce and process food, food related commodities, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, tobacco products and animal feed.

With the rising quality requirements in the food processing industry the expectations of lubricants for this market segment are increasing as well.

Food grade lubricants are subject to strict regulations, have to be physiologically harmless and must offer special features under different operating conditions, such as

-Excellent lubrication performance
-High water resistance
-Oxidation stability
-Low wear rates
-Compatibility with construction materials
-Good adsorption and adhesion on metal and plastics
-Steam resistance (when filling wine, beer or soft drinks)

BECHEM food grade lubricants meet the standards and requirements of modern lubricants applied in the food processing industry. They comply with the strict regulations of the international organisations for product testing and certification.

BECHEM food grade lubricants cover a wide range of applications. Even for most demanding requirements e. g. with the regard to load carrying capacity BECHEM offers high-performance products.
Based on their special hybrid technology these products exceed even conventional MoS2 and graphite greases concerning the wear properties.
In view of their well balanced ingredients the BECHEM food grade lubricants fulfil the following criteria:

-The ingredients comply with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
and are verified by internationally accepted certification organisations
-They are neutral in smell and taste
-They are free from animal ingredients
-According to FDA, the products (H1, 3H) can be used during food production
-They resist the seasonal, chemical, thermal and mechanical loads of the operating
conditions to be expected