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Product description

The grain and flour industry challenges have proved to be very difficult. Flour is in fact a delicate product which will store and retain air during the transfer of the product from the silo to the finished bag, making it a particularly difficult product to be packaged. In addition to the product handling issues there is now a rising segment of high value-added flours (obtained from niche wheats or enriched with yeasts and other additives), which require sophisticated packaging presentation in order to adequately communicate the image of the product. As packaging solutions for high-end products, our company will present two innovative packaging embellishment systems.

The first one is a built-in card header system. This unit can be integrated into any ICA packaging machine to fold a card on the bag top in order to enhance the product appearance and give it a “hand-made” touch. The second system is a stand-alone unit which can wrap the bag with a card band. The card band wraps completely the bag from bottom to the top. Making a rigid bottom, it increase the stability of the bag also in case of light products like seeds and yeasts. The appearance of the pack coming out of this unit is definitely closer to a box but with all advantages of the bag in term of air-tightness and shelf-life. Also this machine can be connected in-line, also at a second stage, with any ICA packaging machine.

Both systems offer additional flexibility to the customers packaging solutions. In fact the upstream filling machine can be used, with printed rolls, to make normal bags and with the card header or card band systems to make niche products.
Another aspect not to underestimate is the cost saving factor. Card header and card band bags can be made with unprinted film, the product printing will be on the cards, minimizing therefore handling and stocking of reels.