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C / Economia, nº 17
41007 Sevilla
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Coverpan is a manufacturer of packaging materials for the food industry that produces a wide range of products for packing alimentary goods. We have 2 lines of products: REELS for packing in flow-pack or vertical packaging machines and PAPER BAGS for manual packing.

We are specialized in the production of paper laminated reels, heat resistant materials and our new range of BIODEGRADABLE FILMS:
  • COVPAPER: Paper reels for packing crusty bread like baguette, ciapatta, etc.
  • CVPP reels: paper reels laminated to BOPP for packing a wide variety of bakery products with a more natural and home-made image.
  • CVMAP / CVLID reels: paper reels laminated to high barrier films for MAP packaging and for closing trays as lidding films.
  • CVTEMP: paper reels laminated to HEAT RESISTANT materials, for packing products that need to be heated inside their packaging: ideal for gluten-free breads, sandwiches, pies, etc.
  • FILMS: we also produce single and multi-layer films: BOPP films, PET/PVDC/PE, PE/EVOH/PE, etc
  • BIO/COMPOSTABLE RANGE: we are presenting in IBA our new ecological range of BIO FILMS: compostable films to pack a wide variety of bakery products and organic fruits and vegetables.
We produce a wide range of paper bags that include a PREMIUM RANGE with Panoramic bags, HEAT RESISTANT bags and BIO BAGS.
  • Paper bags, window paper bags
  • PE coated paper bags.
  • Laminated bags: paper bags with inside lamination that makes barrier. Can be sealed by heat.
  • TEMP BAGS: heat resistant paper bags to pack products that need to be heated inside the bag. Ideal for packing sandwiches, wraps, panini, gluten-free products, etc.
  • BIO BAGS: paper bags with compostable window, the most eco-friendly bet.


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