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20 avenue Marcellin Berthelot
92390 Villeneuve-la- Garenne Cedex
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CHOPIN Technologies, a KPM Analytics company, specializes in methods and equipment for analyses and quality control of grains, flours, and their derivatives.

By investing more than 10 percent of its revenue in research and development, CHOPIN Technologies stays continuesly at the cutting edge of innovation. This commitment results in regular development of unique methods and tools recognized by international standards and organizations (ISO, CEN, AACCI, CCI ...).
CHOPIN Technologies predictive analytical tools allow the determination of moisture, protein and ash content (Infraneo, Spectralab), alpha amylase activity (Amylab FN), milling performance and extraction rate (LabMill), starch damage (SDmatic), dough visco-elastic properties (Alveolab), solvent retention capacity of flours (SRC-CHOPIN), dough behavior during mixing, proofing and baking (Mixolab and RheoF4).
CHOPIN Technologies operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Devices are manufactured in France and are available throughout the world via a network of more than 60 distributors especially selected for their expertise in the cereal grain and flour industries.