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Product description

The ovens of the CAIMAN series are designed for the fully automatic industrial production of rolled wafer cones with a sugar content of about 40 – 55% of the flour content (“sugar cones”). With our CAIMAN-D-324 capacities of up to 19,600 cones/h are possible.
  • 60 – 156 baking plates (CAIMAN), 54 – 162 (CAIMAN-D) double baking plates, 78 – 114 (CAIMAN-T) baking plates of special cast iron
  • separate rolling device with 22 – 54 horizontally arranged rolling tools
  • optimal guidance of running wheels
  • low-maintenance and durable bearings
  • easy removal and installation of baking plates
  • servo-controlled depositor with up to 4 depositing arms
Furthermore, the CAIMAN technology is the basis for wafer rolls and special wafer products like folded wafers (e.g. fortune cookies), wafer cups and bricelets. For the production of such products special additional equipment is needed like a wafer roll saw, a folding device or a device for deep-drawn cups.

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