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Product description

Brabender TwinLab-F 20 / 40: The compact, flexible extrusion solution

The TwinLab-F 20 / 40 twin screw extruder is a space- and money-saving solution. It extrudes and texturizes different materials and is suitable, for example, for developing new products or enhancing existing formulations. You are given the option of transferring the parameters of an existing production extruder to the TwinLab and simulating your processes on a small scale.

• Confectionery and snacks
• Pasta
• Fish and animal feed
• Meat substitute products
• Flour
• Starch (corn, rice, potato, tapioca etc.)
• Legumes (e.g. peas and lentils)
• Cereals

  • Versatility
  • Six feeding options along the processing zone
  • Screw details can be individually configured
  • Simple handling
  • Patented liner removal for easy cleaning
  • Hinged liner
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Formulation adjustments and development of new products on a small scale
  • Low consumption of possibly expensive formulation ingredients
  • No interruption of production processes required
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Various configuration options, e.g. motor output, liner temperature control etc.