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Nijverheidsweg 37
3341 LJ Hendrik ido Ambacht
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Re-)building a production location for bakeries or the confectionery industry is teamwork. Bolidt is, hereby, an in-demand team player for innovative, hygienic and safe floor systems. Bolidt has all expertise in house and unburdens clients where possible. Bolidt can handle all parts of the synthetic systems supply chain; from development, production, advice and sale to application and maintenance. Everything under one roof. Just as important; Bolidt thinks extensively along with customers.

The unique integrated supply chain enables Bolidt to be a partner who shares ideas, advises and tackles challenges. Bolidt knows the applicable standards and is therefore able to share ideas about materials, durability, aesthetics, functional requirements, certifications and maintenance. But also concerning specific customer requirements such as mechanical and chemical resistance, the Bolidt specialists like to share their ideas with you.

Besides valuable and professional advice, the planning and logistics of the application of the floor and wall finishes are just as important. That is why “a promise is a promise” counts for Bolidt, without this reducing our flexibility. Bolidt has a 24/7 mentality and prefers to draft a timetable that is feasible for all concerned.

Own production, flexible possibilities Bolidt has its own, modern production facilities where floor systems are produced with the utmost care. The important advantage of this for the customer is that Bolidt can always respond quickly and adequately to specific wishes.

Not only the synthetic Bolidt floor systems are of an exceptionally high quality. The Bolidt specialists are just as important. In the laboratory and in the modern own production facilities, committed professionals work daily on the development and production of innovative and durable floor systems. A professional application of floor systems in bakeries and the confectionery industry is ensured by our own specialised application teams. These are fixed teams of well trained and very experienced staff who are completely specialised in the application and maintenance of Bolidt floor and wall systems in production locations in bakeries and the confectionery industry.

For each function and space within bakeries and the confectionery industry, Bolidt offers a broad assortment of floor systems and wall finishes. Bolidt is thus a frequently sought-after partner for businesses in this segment of the food industry. They can trust that, thanks to the expertise and more than 50 years of experience of Bolidt, the floors comply with the most stringent hygiene and safety criteria.

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