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Product description

The Plaff Plaff H20 is a cutting edge production machine for the bakery sector. This modular machine is easy to install and further modules can be added to it progressively depending on your needs. You can make any shape product with this equipment: rustic bread, ciabatta, hard dough, round bread….with the width and length of your choice.
Increase the production, decoration or shape of your product simply by adding modules to your line. Change the format of your product quickly and easily.
This machine can produce mini 6g pieces to up to 5kg loaves.
Full adaptation to the client’s trays and boards. It works also in continuous processes.
Does not stress, degasify or extrude the dough in order to provide the same quality as a “handmade” product.
Admits 97% of water into the dough due to the Plaff-Plaff non-stress treatment system created by Viñas.
Dimensions Plaff Plaff H20 Advance:
Standard: 7130 x 1500 x 1700 mm
With modules: 18000 x 1800 x 2400 mm