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4287-B SE International Way
Portland, OR 97222
United States of America
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BakeWATCH M.O.L.E. for Serious Control

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ECD, the inventor of M.O.L.E.® in-transit thermal profiling is the home of affordable BakeWATCH precision data acquisition instruments and innovative software dedicated to product quality and food safety for the achievement of high yield bakery profitability and FSMA Food Safety Compliance. Choose from among 3, 6 and 20-channel profiler models.
Add Breadometer® for automatic S-Curve Analysis and master Clean-Label ingredient recipes while optimizing Crumb Set for texture and long shelf life. 6 channels in one probe provides reliable data consistency at 5 repeatable dough depths with one quick insertion. Simply hold a panstrap from the proofer, instrument and replace on the oven feed conveyor.

Oven-BALANCER™ independently validates the lateral balance of oven zone temperatures and convective heat flow efficiency without bulky probes or the need for individual thermocouples.3 magnetically attached Sensor Panels can be arrayed up to 4.2M / 14-ft apart to produce data which helps balance burners output and Coloraider and baffles adjustments.

Customers rely upon VaporWATCH® and MiniM.O.L.E.® relative humidity sensors to ensure the proofer delivers consistent dough properties to the oven year round no matter environmental conditions.

SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 combined with BakeWATCH Kill Step Calculator is the leading solution for the post bake critical control point hazards analysis FDA Foods Safety Modernization Act Compliance D-Reduction Report in the USA. Chosen by AIB International as well.
BakeWATCH is relied upon by bakers, ingredients suppliers and oven OEM’s worldwide, founded in Oregon in 1964. Serious control with a BakeWATCH M.O.L.E.


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  • SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 Thermal Profiler