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Custom-build machinery solutions for the production and handling of bread- and pastry products, for middle sized- and industrial bakers that’s the specialty of BVT Bakery Services. BVT is the expert in the area of total dough handling. The origins of BVT lies with a group of people who each have over 35 years of experience in the field of dough and total dough handling. Together with Verhoeven group they established BVT. Verhoeven group has more than 50 years’ experience in designing and producing custom-build material handling and conveying systems for the food industry and industry in general.

We can split our solutions into three different groups. These groups are coherent to the several phases of the production of bread and pastry (products):

1. The dough forming lines as laminators, sheeting lines, block processors etc..
2. Product handling /make up lines for forming products units as depositors, strewers, etc..
3. Product conditioning, such as multideck conveyor proofers, spiral tower systems or tray stack proofers/coolers/freezers, baking tray handling systems etc.

Complete overview of our delivery programme can be seen on

We are well known for our turn-key projects at the major bakery groups around the world.
BVT has her own test bakery with multifunctional production line for testing your recipes and products. All equipment is designed and manufactured in our modern factory located in Oss, The Netherlands. BVT has a large and modern production facility and a team of 120 specialists. That’s why BVT is able to build a wide variety of process, handling and transport systems.