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In den Engematten 16
79286 Glottertal
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Company profile

Beha Innovation GmbH is a German company based in the heart of Europe.
We extrude a complete line of the highest quality Polyurethane and Polyester profiles and conveyor belts for transport and drive applications. According our slogan “smart conveying”, we have been supplying innovative drive and conveying technology products since 1974. We provide quick and accurate service through our main factory in Glottertal, Germany, our subsidiary located in USA, as well as our worldwide distribution network.
Our profiles, belts and welding tools are specifically designed to meet market and customer expectations.

BEHAbelt products are 100% extruded from PU and thus offer ideal properties for many processes and applications in the food industry, where reliability, efficiency, hygienic design and optimal cleanability are important.

Our products and know-how support the following process steps:
  • Conveying of packed and unpacked food
  • General conveying and transfer of dough
  • Belts and profiles for Pizza topping and conveying lines
  • Check Weighing and Metal detection
  • Packaging

Key features of BEHAbelt products at a glance:
  • Advanced hygienic, due to non-porous closed surfaces.
  • Reduced risk of product contamination: Our elastic monolithic belts don’t contain any fabric carcasses, which wear and become a source of contamination.
  • Excellent release and easy to clean: The unique "MICROclean" surface enables a better and faster cleaning of the belt surface. This is due to the specific surface design (which can only be seen with a magnifying glass) that supports excellent release of even stick goods. This reduces waste and increases the yield of your production line.
  • FDA/EC/USDA compliance: BEHAbelt monolithic belts comply with the requirements of the applicable international standards for materials and articles in direct contact with food.
  • Easy installation: Monolithic belts can be easily welded on-site and installed onto the conveyor system by using a dedicated tool for butt welding.
  • Customization: BEHAbelt elastic belts can be made of various material qualities and with dedicated structures on the conveying and reverse side. BEHAbelt extrudes PU and TPD in several shore-hardness grades, whereas even 2K belts can be offered on request, means different hardness/PU combined in one belt.

Industrial Associations:
NIBA – National Industrial Belting Association
NIBA is the international association of manufacturers and distributors of conveyor belting and related products and services.
EHEDG – European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group
BEHAbelt is member of this industry association, which aims to support safe and hygienic processing of food.