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Loch Conan i18 – ZA les Trois Croix
29530 Landeleau
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Company profile

Balpe has an astonishing family history.

2018, Year of BALPE’s jubilee; 50 years dedicated to our successful customers in their production of crepes, pancakes, palascinta, palatschinken, flädle, oladi, naleshniki, blinis, brick pastry leaves, blintze, crispy thin regag bread, khubz alregag, omelettes, kataïefs, egg-rolls, spring-rolls, bourek, loempias, samossas, ...thanks to our machines and know-how.

Always with the same concerns for rigor and performance, Nathalie BALPE ensures since more than 20 years the development of the activity, assisted by a qualified team.
Innovation is one of our strength to answer specific requests from customers.

A very strong national and international presence as the machines are sold in over 40 countries. Word of mouth contributes to the success of our company, resulting from its notoriety and reliability.

Undeniable savoir-faire regarding crepe manufacturing; A clear advantage as our own creperie acts as a life-size laboratory; customers can see part of our production lines, and we can also test their ingredients and recipes under real conditions.

We have a vast range (of machines, semi-automatic, automatic and lines) which is ideal for craftsmen, caterers and industrial manufactures alike, to satisfy everyone's requirements.