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Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 3
44020 San Giovanni di Ostellato (FE)
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Suppliers of the whole system with custom-made systems for every need.

B&B Silo Systems was established as a design and construction company for the storage, transport, dosing and automation systems of raw materials.

Formed by a dynamic and successful management group, offering engineering solutions associated with a vast know-how in technological processes, in a few years it successfully established itself on the national and international scene, addressing the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

In a market in continuous and fast evolution, our company is constantly engaged in the research of technical and system solutions able to make the production process more efficient and qualified, guaranteeing high standards:
  • Qualitative (authenticity and constant specific-physical characteristics of the products)
  • Economic (saving on the purchase price of raw materials)
  • Logistics (warehouse space recovery)
  • Hygienic (elimination of containers and equipment that can favour bacterial contamination).
This is why we consider ourselves Suppliers of the entire system, creating custom-made systems for each individual customer, according to their specific requirements and production needs.


From the idea to the solution, in close collaboration with the customer.

The B&B Silo Systems group divisions address the different aspects of customer requests, being distributed in the areas of:
  • Pre-design
  • Technical design
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Assistance
  • Research and development
In the various stages of the project, the intervention, collaboration and feedback of the customer, whose ideas assume a central role in the activities of each division, remain constant. In fact, right from the first contact, we establish a close relationship with our customers, that develops in the design and implementation stages of the system, and that does not end with its installation, but continues in the post-sales stage.


Each solution is the result of innovative technological processes and engineering techniques, adapted to each individual request.

We do not only design the system that best satisfies the production needs of our customers, but we also assist them in the scheduling of times and resources so that they can make the best decision.

This is why the pre-design stage has a fundamental role: transforming the customer's ideas into a real production system requires the knowledge of our technicians, but also the constructive involvement of the customer.

Every integral part of our systems, from the storage of raw materials to the dosage of ingredients, but even just a single component, reflects the needs and requests of our business partners; this is because we believe that each customer is unique just like the solution we develope for him.

We supply silos, which are adaptable to the area where they will be placed, taking into consideration the raw materials to be stored.

We seek the most suitable method of transport of the ingredients from the storage point to that of dosing.

We provide dosing systems suitable for the type of ingredients and the quantities required.

We offer the best solutions to automate production, providing fermenters, mixers, mills for sugar grinding, flour cooling systems, and much more.

The management and control of our systems can be adjusted in a flexible way to every particular context.