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BÄKO is a cooperative that was founded over 100 years ago by enterprising, professional bakers and confectioners. Their objective: the joint procurement of raw materials from all over the world that meet the high standards of quality required in the baked goods trade.

Whether seeds from South America, almonds from California, milk from Germany, sultanas from Australia or technical equipment for processing raw materials: today, BÄKO supplies everything you require for baking directly to the bakeries. This allows our bakers and confectioners to focus on what they do best: the artisanal production of delicious and fully flavoured baked goods. Consumers can therefore really enjoy their “daily bread” with a good feeling.

The BÄKO organisation currently comprises two BÄKO centres, BÄKO-ZENTRALE NORD eG (centre for northern Germany) and BÄKO-Zentrale Süddeutschland eG (centre for southern Germany), as well as 28 affiliated BÄKO regional cooperatives.

Tasks and activities are organised and services are provided jointly from the respective centre. BÄKO’s core competence is the bundled purchasing of raw materials, semi-finished consumables, trade and packaging products and capital goods from national and international markets. Here, particular attention is paid to the highest standards of quality assurance.

The 28 BÄKO regional cooperatives are the linchpin and hub of the BÄKO organisation. They are responsible for the optimal support and supply of the affiliated craft businesses and provide a comprehensive logistics and service package.

The strength of the organisation is its strong customer focus, proximity to consumers and individual consultation, since the employees and sales personnel are professionals in the sector and know their industry, their customers and their own region with its unique characteristics.

All bakers and confectioners ultimately benefit from BÄKO and can rely on the BÄKO organisation, because BÄKO is THE partner for artisanal baked goods, and has been for generations.


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