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Product description

Bottom Discharge
Industrialization with smallest space
This most compact system design enables automatic kneading and dough conveying in one line.
The basic equipment includes one or more mixers with central emptying device. The raw material dosing into the kneading bowl takes place automatically. After the kneading time, the finished dough is discharged through the mechanical opening of the central emptying system. A belt conveyor or other transport system for dough container delivers the dough to the line portioner.
The extension of the system with automatic dough rest system via freely programmable standing and fermentation times is an optional supplement to this solution.
  • Automated dough preparation from the feed through intensive kneading to emptying
  • Suitable for all farm sizes from 160 kg to 600 kg dough per batch
  • Optimal kneading process by choosing the optimum kneading system: wendel and spiral mixer

Safe transport of the kneading bowls
The linear transport system allows an individual solution of the task with the greatest possible universality of the system. A special feature of the linear transport system is the overhead guide rail, which ensures maximum ground clearance and optimum cleaning options.
Likewise, the linear transport system within a system allows several dosing, kneading and / or emptying systems. This means that several recipes can be made in parallel in different kneaders to serve several subsequent lines with different or equal doughs. It can be complied with different dough rest periods according to the recipes.
Transport within the system is handled by a driving robot.
  • Rotatable robot
  • Individual process design optionally with or without dough rest
  • Several kneaders in the same system
  • Designed for up to 16 batches per hour
  • Fast dough sequence, up to 10000 kg of dough per hour
  • Quick recipe change
  • Different dough rest times in the same system

Continuous dough production system
This plant consists of a continuous dosing system, a pre-kneader and the newly patented generation of the continoMIXX premium system.
In the pre-stage, all raw material components are pre-kneaded, the post-kneading in the premium system continoMIXX ensures an ideal and flexible dough production. While in the pre-kneader within seconds a homogeneous pre-dough is created, the premium system continoMIXX combines homogeneous mixing with effective kneading.
As pre-kneading, we offer various processes. We mainly work with the ContinoJET, licensed through bakery concepts in USA / Canada and through ahk outside USA / Canada. In this innovative high-pressure kneading process, the dough preparation by means of a rotary nozzle is carried out by intensive wetting of the flour particles with a high-pressure water jet.
  • Two independently adjustable tools (kneading and feeding)
  • Maximum flexibility in hourly performance and kneading intensity
  • Optimal kneading even with very high additions of back doughs / residual doughs
  • Product-saving output of the finished dough optionally continuously or dosed
  • Kneading of different doughs without changing tools = fast recipe change
  • Cooling in the double jacket prevents digester heating
  • Automatic cleaning according to WIP principle
  • Little need for space

Carousel Principle
The efficient solution
The arrangement of the bowl of a clocked kneading process in circular mold results in an extremely compact and powerful kneading system.
The rotation of the mixing carousel in the working cycle allows a smooth movement of the tank wagons within the system: Dosing station, kneading station, dough resting station, tipping station.
The individual tank wagons are fixed on a revolving support frame (carousel) and are brought to the stations with fast clock movements and hydraulically locked.