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Munich, GERMANY, 15 Jun 2018 – Robotray automation can help your manufacturing plant become more profitable. We specialize in integrating hardware with software into seamless, user-friendly systems for an efficient automated solution. Our proven line of equipment will provide your company with a fast payback while eliminating unnecessary labor. Robotray facilitates the key engine of innovation, that has shifted from hardware to software, to systems, to solutions. 
Install leading edge Robotray technology, it will provide you a competitive advantage and keep your company ahead of the competition.

Eliminate Labor
Reduce workmans' comp costs
Prevent employee litigation fees
Increase production. Higher run rates
Compact. Space saving design
Flexible. Expandable capabilities
Open Frame. Easy to clean & maintain
Fast Payback. ROI of 18 months

Eliminate injuries and occupational risk factors
Assured food safety. Avoid environmental contaminants (hair, nails, etc.)
Ensure legal compliance by implementing ergonomic solutions to challenges caused by
Lifting heavy items
Bending & reaching overhead
Pushing and pulling heavy loads
Working in awkward body postures
Performing the same task repetitively

Make innovation your competitive advantage, install leading edge technology
Systems designed as a labor saving solution based on a personalized plant review
Fast installation within a limited floor space, even in low ceiling locations
Facilitates relocation if your needs change in the future
Seamless expansion by easily incorporating upgrades

Ergonomics: (Fitting a job to a person)
Helps lessen muscle fatigue, increases productivity and reduces the number and severity of work-related injuries.

"Tray Handling Automation, Rack Loading & Unloading, 3D Robotic Pick-n-Place. Minimize labor while reducing cost, improve safety and increase productivity."

ROBOTRAY® develops "Advanced Custom Automation" for industrial applications. Specialized in loading & unloading of racks / trolleys, mechanized queuing & positioning of carts / dollies, vertical transfer & rotation of trays / plates / boards, stacking & unstacking of pans / baskets. We also offer high-speed pick-n-place systems, automated 3D dough scoring, vacuum depanning, pan & board cleaners, panning & indexing conveyors, complete plant control systems."

Portfolio of SYSTEMS

> Unloader and Loader : Tray (Board)
> Queuing and Positioning : Racks (Trolleys)
> Conveyors: Indexing + Retractile + RET
(Rotate + Elevate + Transfer)
Trays / Pans / Boards
> 3D Dough Scoring - Ultrasonic Blades
(Fixed & Random Position)
> High-Speed Pick & Place
(Product Inspection & Handling)
> Depanning : Vacuum & Needle
> RFID Plant Tracking + Process Control
> Rack (Trolley) - Autonomous Movement
> Carts (Dollies)
(Automated Fermentation Rooms)
> Stacking + Unstacking : Basket / Boxes
> Pan Cleaner : Brush +Vacuum +Ultrasonic

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ROBOTRAY Industrial Automation

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