AEROMAT - Fermenting room

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Product description

For optimum pastry quality

The fermentation process has a decisive influence on the quality of the baking results in the bakery. In Wachtel's AEROMAT fermentation chamber, the fermentation development of the dough pieces can be precisely controlled.
The individual production of the climate-controlled fermenting room makes ideal use of the available space in the factory. Experience state-of-the-art air-conditioning technology for a controlled fermentation chamber climate!

The AEROMAT fermenting chamber, with five standard model series in different designs, offers the right solution for different spatial and production requirements in every bakery. It is available as a standard or push-through proofing chamber in single, double and quadruple widths. Here there is space for up to 32 rack trolleys. The centimetre-precise production according to the customer's specifications guarantees ideal space utilisation in the bakery.

Uniform humidification and temperature control in short times is provided by climatic stand units on the rear wall or side walls. With the help of the quail climate comfort control, the setting of temperature, humidity, fermentation time and lighting is easily and conveniently possible via the cell front.

The 60 mm thick floor construction and insulated revolving doors made of stainless steel with all-round door seal ensure a stable fermenting chamber climate. Inside the climate fermenting cells there is a solid ram protection as well as an energy-saving, room-lit illuminated ceiling with splinter protection. For quick installation, the stable AEROMAT climate proofing cells have reliable tongue and groove and lock connections.

In addition, the AEROMAT proofing chamber can be equipped with various special constructions. A flow-optimised air guidance system DEWA (ceiling-wall) ensures a product-friendly, homogeneous climate at low air speeds. A powerful humidification system with wet steam generation by fresh water atomisation maximises the uniform moisture absorption of the dough pieces. And an innovative high-performance heating register in a flat design provides particularly precise control of the fermenting chamber climate. The results are therefore uniform and reproducible.