Özmer Pastacilik ve Icecek Urunleri
San. Paz. Turizm ve DIS TIC. A.S.


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Beyit Sok. No: 54 Yukari Dudullu, Ümraniye
34775 Istanbul
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Company profile

Over 30 years with breakthrough power and innovations leaders in the sector.
We a Turkish brand are proud of conveying our taste and quality to more than 60 countries, holding worldwide certifications like HELAL, FDA, ISO, GOST, GMP and FSSC.
As the result of several researches and tests in our 6 fully equipped RND laboratories using the latest technologies headed by our team of experts, we are continuously introducing new developed products to the pastry, Horeca and ice cream sector.
Always at the top, registering the most number of patents each year in our country.
Innovation inspired us to build our new production center, fully equipped, at the highest technology and providing all kind of facilities for development, production, and new discoveries in order to fulfil the requirements of the modern world.
The main brands CORE, FO, LIMPO, REPO, and FUMER produced at the highest standard qualities are guiding the sector.
Our products are supplied to A Class pastries, 5 Stars hotels, catering services, food service providers, gross markets, coffee chains and shops, ice cream GELATO chains and individuals, as well to our huge network of wholesalers.
We hold a market share in our country from 60 to an 80% in both sectors pastry and beverage, over a 1000 products are supplied to the market by more than 300 wholesalers, exclusive distributors and partners.
Our progress to be a world brand it is being achieved followed by firm steps, based in more than the 1000 products distributed by our partners in Asia, Africa, America and Europe.
As a pioneer mission we organize seminars all over the world introducing our products instructing how to obtain their best result, best usage, gain time, production increase and cost savings.
We look forward to become part of your world, then be a part of our non-limitations universe…..

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