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Ovens with rotating trolley with exchanger and front resistances
Perfect baking results, excellent performance and compact size: a unique combination of characteristics which describe the design of the new STREAM PLUS rack oven. The company guarantees and certifies a 100% Made in Italy product, in full compliance with regulations in force, developed and produced using state-of-the-art technologies.
Baking chamber, door, façade and external panelling in stainless steel. The new structure enables rapid oven assembly.
Heat Exchanger
The new heat exchanger is designed to optimise efficiency, with a considerable reduction of operating costs. It consists of three hexagonal-section gas flues, which guarantee a greater surface area for heat exchange and air flow fluidity. The burner is located in the lower half of the exchanger, positioned at the front of the oven.
Steam generator
The steam generator consists of 12 sections containing cast iron spheres. Water is equally distributed throughout the steamer, using concave containers. The modularity of elements ensures fast maintenance and cleaning. The water drain can be positioned at the front or back of the oven, based on the customer’s requirements.
Baking chamber
The baking chamber is made from stainless steel panels. External insulation is provided by rock wool panels. Shutters for the passing of hot air are positioned on the wall opposite the exchanger, and have been fitted with flaps which ensure rapid and precise baking calibration.
Hooking of the rack
The rack oven features numerous hook systems, available versions are either fitted with a top hook or rotating platform. Automatic rack lifting is also available.
The rack oven door features numerous innovative characteristics which distinguish it from other products on the market. Double tempered glass with bores in the cavity to ensure continuous air flow and avoid over-heating. Two vertical ducts have been incorporated in the door for continuous vapour extraction inside the chamber during baking.
Automatic valve
Apart from the gas flue, the oven is also equipped with an automatic valve which enables the introduction of room air temperature into the baking chamber. This mechanism limits the exit of vapour whenever the door is opened once baking has finished.
Door opening system and Handle
Innovative door opening system, with double hinge that allows a constant adjustment. Handle Mounted in the door the new handle in anodized aluminum, which features an innovative and original design distinguishes the line of rack ovens.
Extractor hood
The extractor hood system features a removable protection grille and extractor directly fitted on to the hood structure. During baking, the inverter-managed motor maintains constant extraction at low fan rotation speeds; upon opening the door, extraction speed is increased. The protective grille is inclined to avoid dripping condensation.
Control panels
The standard control panel is digital without programs. On request, it is available a digital panel with 99 programs,electromechanical controlpanel or touch screen TS7.