MECATHERM presents M-UB, a new universal handling system for transporting products uniformly during proofing, cooling and freezing

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16.09.2018 – At this year's IBA show, MECATHERM, a global leader in automated production lines for the industrial bakery sector, launches three major innovations, including a universal and simple handling system that ensures the smooth transport of products during proofing, cooling and freezing called M-UB.

The industrial bakery market is evolving very quickly. Only a few years ago, industrialists were looking for solutions to produce standard bread quickly, while today they must adapt to a change in consumption patterns. Consumers are seeking authenticity, improved quality and a broader and more diverse range of bakery, pastry, patisserie and snack products. These developments have implications for production processes, which require equipment that is adapted to the new demands, without compromising industrial performance, particularly when it comes to operating costs.
Mechanisation plays a vital role for industrialists in the sector because it is involved in many stages of processing, proofing, cooling and freezing. It is also used in the storage of products and trays.
In light of these new needs, MECATHERM’s Research & Development teams, which have significant know-how in the area, have examined the installed base of around 800 lines around the world. With the launch of its patented handling system, MECATHERM is reinventing this type of equipment to offer industrialists a tool that is just as adapted to developments in the market as it is to industrial demands.

Its intelligent design means that MECATHERM’s new handling system transports trays through the mechanisation unit via a continuous loop. This solution allows for the fluid transfer of trays (such as baking sheets and assemblies) from the ascending stack to the descending stack. Instead of a conveyor belt at the base of the unit, a flighted chain ensures that each of the mechanisation units loads smoothly. During the different stages, and particularly while the products are in the proofing chamber, it is essential that the products are handled gently to ensure that they’re of optimal quality. The elimination of all impact and friction guarantees uniform and gentle handling during all processing stages.
The continuous loop system provides another benefit: all of the transported trays pass through the mechanisation unit along the same path. This guarantees uniform handling and perfect consistency in the products, whatever the selected processing time.
Food safety has also been taken into account: because there are no transfers in the upper part of the unit, any risk of contamination of the finished product is avoided because no contact is possible.

The new handling system has been designed to be adaptable and flexible, whatever the product type, production volumes and constraints imposed by industrial facilities.
In order to adapt to industrialists’ needs, the dimensions of the handling system are modular; its width, height and loading depth are can be adjusted to the facility’s constraints.
The wide range of dimensions offered by the new system allows industrialists to transport up to 104 trays per unit. Adjustable to all widths, the system is available with three different intervals, to adapt to product height.
The modular nature of the new handling system allows industrialists to use the same equipment for all stages of processing, proofing, cooling, freezing or storage
Dedicated to product diversification, this new handling system works with all types of trays: muffin trays, flat baking sheets or moulds, mould assemblies, peelboards, grills and more.
Operators can also reduce or increase the time spent in the module according to product type. This time can also be adapted by temporarily suspending one or various units in the processing stage.
Each unit works autonomously, and it is possible to bypass one of them, even if it is in the middle of the chain, without interrupting processing. Using this bypass function, the trays will simply travel through the lower part on the conveyor belt and move on to the next unit. Additionally, the excess trays in the line can be stored inside the stopped unit.
The speed of each unit is configurable, and operators have instant access via the line’s Human/Machine interface to adjust the settings. This makes it very easy to switch between one product to another, without requiring major or time-consuming work.

Easy to use
Our R&D teams have developed equipment that’s particularly easy to understand, use and maintain. All the control systems, such as the sensors and the motor, are accessible from a peripheral ground-level passageway. Thanks in particular to the transport of trays via a continuous loop, all maintenance operations can be carried out at ground level. The trays can also be accessed from the side of the machine.
Intended for daily use, the design of this new system, which complies with EHEDG standards, makes cleaning the equipment simple. MECATHERM has used materials that are easy to maintain and has eliminated or adapted parts to reduce cleaning time as much as possible. A stainless steel body, polished material, plastic support brackets, no steel wire trays in the machines or struts on the conveyor belt- these are just a few examples of the work done by MECATHERM in developing this equipment.
To make maintenance easier, each conveyor module uses the same model of motor, whatever the system’s dimensions. Thanks to the "Stop & Go" system, not only is the motor used less with this system, it also consumes less energy. This type of motor allows industrialists to reduce the number of parts they store. The risk of a system module breakdown crippling the production process has also been eliminated thanks to the bypass function, which allows one module to be isolated at any time, without interrupting production


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