Baked goods diversity and systems for trend products

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System solutions for dividing, forming and depositing dough will be demonstrated by Handtmann. Process and quality advantages and a wide range of products are profitable features of these systems: bread, baked goods, small baked goods, snacks, trend products etc. 
Cutting Unit SE 442 for gluten-free doughs and product variety
An in-vogue trend product is naan bread, which can be produced in top quality with the SE 442 cutting unit. The SE 442 divides dough with a VF 800 dough divider. It is equipped with a pneumatically operated blade and can divide as many as 200 portions a minute depending on the scaling weight, dough consistency and the dough divider used. This high dividing capacity makes the SE 442 an attractive proposition for pizza production using the ball & press method as well. Thanks to the modular design, all components can be very quickly removed and refitted for cleaning purposes. That represents a major advantage in the processing of gluten-free doughs. Other products which can be produced using an SE 442 are yeast plaits and toast etc.
SE 443 Cutting Unit for tin loaves
Another machine combination is the VF 800 dough divider in conjunction with the SE 443 cutting unit for making tin loaves. It is perfect for bread types such as wholemeal (rye, spelt wheat), rye breads with a high dough yield and mixed-grain breads with a rye content of up to 70 % and a higher dough yield. The SE 443 is ideally suited to portioning dough directly into moulds or high-precision filling of long baking tins with dough or product using the filling mode. One of the main advantages is the oil-less portioning principle and the ability to precisely portion dough with low viscosities.
Forming Systems for formed products
The FS 510 or FS 520 forming systems are designed to bring its advantages to bear in the delivery of multi-track product flows. Because the forming tubes can be quickly changed, a wide diversity of products can be produced by virtue of the fast product change-over times. The use of a servo-driven filling flow divider guarantees very accurate weights per lane and portion. Examples of suitable products are energy bars, cookies, snack pastries, ethnic food and thin doughs (crispbread-type).
Multi-lane depositing exact to the gram
For accurate weight proportioning of fillings on dough sheet lines, the depositing station with FST 546 servo-driven filling flow divider with 2-8 lanes has been developed. It consists of a VF 600 B, the servo-driven FST 546 filling flow divider and a mobile equipment carrier. The depositing station is able to deliver highly viscous, very soft or lumpy fillings in precisely measured weights. The depositing station can be adapted to all commonly used dough sheet lines. Example products in this case include flaky pastry, croissants and puff-pastry products, special bread rolls, ciabatta, wheat and mixed-grain breads, pizza, ethnic food and many others.
Manually and flexible dosing of fillings
A hand dosing valve for the flexible depositing of fluid and pasty products, with coarse ingredient as an option, will be demonstrated to showcase the depositing feature. Connected to a VF 608 B dough divider and using the dosing valve, the Handtmann vane cell feed system guarantees precise depositing accurate to the gram. For various different containers, such as tubs, trays, jars and cans, and for depositing toppings onto products – the flexible handling of the dosing valve and a large selection of round and star-shaped nozzles facilitate a wide portfolio of applications. The diverse range of product surfaces creates numerous opportunities for new product ideas.

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