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With a history of over 35 years experience and ongoing manufacturing of user friendly and efficient products,  Arcan supplies miscellaneous machines to the worldwide confectionery production industry.
The production scope includes:
- Chocolate Enrobing Machines.
- Chocolate Tempering Machines.
- Caramel Enrobing Machines.
- Cooling Tunnels.
- Aerators for Marshmallow, Chocolate, Cream.
- Offline or Online Depositors & sandwiching machines for Marshmallow, Cream, Jam.
- Universal Decorators.
- Extruded Bar Lines for various fat & sugar based masses like nougat, fondant, praline marzipan and etc.
- Sprinkler Systems.
- Stick Cracker Production Lines, with filling options.
- Wafer Blocks Cooling Tunnels.
- Twisted & Extruded Marshmallow Production Lines.
- Slab Bar Forming Lines for multi-layer candy bars, including Automatic Weighing, Dosing, Mixing and Cooking Equipment.
Established in a facility with 10.000 square meter indoor area, the company designs all of its products via 3D solid modelling software, executes all production stages as product trees, procurement transactions, production and warehouse follow-up by ERP software and produces faultless parts using high technology CNC machines.
Arcan delivered its products to 5 continents, over 65 countries, so far. Machines bearing the trademark of Arcan, are efficiently operating in many countries, at numerous manufacturing plants. Arcan has been an approved supplier for the widely known multinational companies as well as local manufacturers, for a rather long period.
Representing a company that proudly gained the trust of the most prestigious brands of confectionery industry, Arcan sales team will be delighted to entertain visitiors during IBA.
For more information, please pay a visit to our website .


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Arcan Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

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