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A successful partnership between two market players will take place at IBA. A perfect mix of a multifunctional concept store celebrating the versatility of Scrocchiarella, high quality pre-baked pizza basis, to taste at any time of the day.
A business concept of 100 sm which celebrates the Italian hospitality from breakfast time, to lunch time, from cocktail time to dinner time. Come and visit us at Pad 4 – Stand 360 and you will make in person your food and beverage experience in a light and warm atmosphere, the same anyone longs for when eats outdoor. Afa has set special areas dedicated to breakfast offer, the lunch offer, the aperitif and dinner offer. A special attention has been dedicated to the furnitures materials : wood, iron, brass, stone and green vertical walls. The trick of lights helps creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere of a place, where you will come back for sure with pleasure. Cesare Francolini, AFA Arredamenti contract manager, explains why Scrocchiarella fits with the food concept store shown at IBA: “Scrocchiarella is a high quality product, easy to prepare and customize. Actually the best solution for anyone starting a new multi-concept business too. Ready to serve at any time of the day”. 
For a further emotion, Scrocchiarella will be finished and baked at sight as a part of your food experience.
You will see several types of Scrocchiarella dressed with different kind of topping and shown in a wide  clear-glass display window at the very entrance of the standTo confirm the several ways to use it, Scrocchiarella is perfect for a savoury breakfast, as pizza and focaccia for lunch or dinner and plain or stuffed as focaccia for a snack. It is used at the place of bread with trays of cold cuts, salads and main dishes too. Or again in small slices or squared cubes to go along with the aperitifs. It fits both classic or gourmet ingredients on the top or if cutted it can be stuffed with salami, cheese and vegetables. 

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    Auf der kommenden IBAin Münchenvom 15. bis 20. September, ist das Unternehmen Italmill mit ihrem Backprodukt SCROCCHIARE…


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AFA Arredamenti

Via Tavollo N°540
47842 San Giovanni in Marignano (RN)

iba 2018

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