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Saint-Hilaire-de-Loulay, FRANCE, 19.06.2018 – Since its creation in 1960, French mechanics company VMI has changed significantly. Specializing in mixing, and mainly in the production of dough for plant bakers and the snacking industry, the company now supports its customers throughout the world. To support its development, VMI has recently moved to brand-new buildings and opened its new Process Development Center (aka PDC). With a surface area of 700 m² (7,500 square feet), this section of the Research & Development Department serves two production laboratories, an analysis room and two meetings and training rooms to carry out the company's missions and receive customers. "On our rapidly growing markets, the Process Development Center covers a wide spectrum integrating the various steps in formulation, from the implementation of the full mixing process, as well as the analyses of the material used, the various steps in the production of the dough, up to the final baked product," explained José Cheio de Oliveira, VMI's R&D Manager. In the center dedicated to the development of bakery processes, a team of experts provides VMI and its customers the trial and expertise services required to the development and acceptance of products and equipment. Today, trial centers are a key tool in the support to customers who expect concrete solutions to meet specific process issues. VMI offers production equipment, whose parameters and results can be easily extrapolated. The Process Development Center is equipped with three removable bowl kneaders, including two latest-generation, double tool KNEADSTER mixers. A set of laboratory kneaders in cascade allows to go further in the analysis of the kneading parameters, to ensure the repeatability and extrapolation of its customers’ recipes. A bridge planetary mixer of the ULTIMIX range and all the tools present a wide range of possibilities in the field of cakes, pastry and snacking products. Whether it's density, viscosity, texture or product 3D imagery, everything is measured in the analysis room so that nothing is left to chance and that plant bakers can optimize their processes or even their formulations. And to complement the kneading technology, the PDC also offers trials on continuous dough mixing. A proportioning platform can feed, according to needs, the VERYMIX continuous kneader or the CONTINUUM, the latest patented continuous mixer boasting vacuum capabilities, that is specifically adapted to spongy products such as sandwich bread or buns. Moulding, fermentation and baking are also included for the best characterization of products.The Process Development Center is also a team of technologists capable of understanding customer requirements. As the link between these requirements and the company's technical departments, their mission is to upgrade the solutions offered and recommended by VMI to optimize customers' processes. Reducing additives, gaining in productivity, improving the suppleness or other features of the dough, optimizing fermentation time: these are varied objectives, which mixing and kneading are always instrumental to. The PDC is there to serve the development of VMI's solutions for tomorrow and allows for the validation of the design of equipment, or a technology, for example, by qualifying the mix, comparing existing technologies, or by measuring the evolution of prototypes along their various phases of development. It is in the PDC that are implemented the Research & Development programmes, conducted by VMI, including through scientific partnerships.


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